Talented, Organized, and Diligent

"While we work all over the U.S., and with many quality builders, the leadership team with Jack Jennings & Sons is among the most talented, organized, and diligent we have encountered in our years of design experience anywhere. Jack Jennings & Sons is a trusted partner, and we very much appreciate the attention to detail and care needed for the design intent of each project. The number of projects BBA and JJS have partnered on together total close to $500 Million. Their close cooperation with our team results in our high expectations being met. Every project we have had the opportunity to work with Jeff Jennings on has come in on time and on budget, and we have great collaboration throughout the entire process. It is this kind of accomplishment, along with Jennings’ openness, honesty, and competence that have made us completely comfortable with Jeff Jennings as our construction partner. My team and I look forward to our next project together and I highly recommend Jack Jennings & Sons to others."
Timothy R. Baker, AIA
Baker Barrios Architects, Inc. View Project

A Memorable and Unique Journey

“For us, the experience of being a partner with Jennings and Sons truly showcases their resourcefulness, collaborative spirit and camaraderie in all aspects of making The Edyth a reality. Their dedication to helping us realize this vision, coupled with their professionalism and humor, has made this a memorable and unique journey.”
Tom Chandler, AIA
SchenkelShultz Architecture, Inc. View Project

Professionalism and Thoroughness

"I can’t thank you enough for the fantastic way you’ve shared the development journey with Charlan Brock Architects and myself. It’s been a tremendous collaborative, empowering process that we have had together over the last 20 years or so. We at CBA have so admired the professionalism and thoroughness that your team provides. We’ve learned over the years that it makes tremendous sense as Architects for us to bring you in early to help create a more cohesive, efficient, and productive process. In so doing, Jack Jennings & Sons have been incredibly instrumental in getting the projects we work on together, built beautifully, on time, and in budget. Jeff, for me, what also has made you stand out, compared to other general contractors and construction companies we work with, is your level of integrity and your passion and commitment to our shared core values. It’s unfortunate but true that quite a few of the contractors we work with play games, sabotage us and others to look good, and maximize their profit. We appreciate so much your honesty and integrity and team-building skills, and commitment."
Charlan Brock Architects View Project

Every Detail Matters

“The Winter Park Center for Health and Wellbeing is a project that challenged all of us to create something that has never been conceived of before, to design a facility that changes the paradigm of how we think about health and the community. When a project aspires to an architectural experience where every detail matters, the execution of the vision becomes critical. Jack Jennings and Sons helped us achieve this wonderful center that is already changing people’s lives for the better.”
Turan Duda, AIA
Duda | Paine Architects View Project


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